How to manage car dealership business easily with Dealer Management System

Dealer Management System

The dealer management system should be an integrated solution need to run the business successfully.

What should the dealer management software do?

  1. It should be able to track the sales
  2. Track the performance of the car dealer
  3. Manage the inventory
  4. Comparison of the car dealer with other dealers
  5. Recording of expenses and payments
  6. obtaining reports facilitating decision making

Advantages of Dealer Management software

Agreements need to be prepared between the car dealer and the buyer as proof for the sale. These agreements can be prepared digitally without wasting time and paper.
Upon payment, the invoice needs to be generated for the customer. These invoices can be generated from the templates in the software or can be customized based on the requirement of the business.
Instant approvals from the customers can be obtained through SMS/ Whatsapp without making disturbing calls to the customer
The car dealer would like to know the profit earned per car which can be calculated easily using the software.
Vehicles in the showroom need to be maintained properly. Auto reminders need to be set for the maintenance and customers reminded on the due dates, this builds a good rapport between the dealer and the customer.
The software needs to manage the inventory where the car dealer gets to know which cars have been sold out and which are still in the inventory. This helps to reduce the storage cost of maintaining the inventory in the showroom.
All the documents pertaining to the vehicle and the customer can be stored in one place and the dealer can retrieve any information whenever required.
The commission to the salesmen can be easily calculated every month which otherwise are a cumbersome process if done manually.
The receipts and payments to the business can be recorded using the software. The true financial position can be easily found out. The cash flow of the business can be ascertained which helps the dealer make decisions for future investments.
The customer may buy the vehicle on credit, these credit transaction can be easily recorded in the software.

Which is the best software?

Moiboo software is the best dealer management system software customized for the car dealer business. All the advanced features integrated into one solution. It manages inventory, client information and gives you control over every one of the procedures involved.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Digital agreements
  • Invoicing
  • Consignments
  • Profit per car
  • Multi-currency
  • Vehicle management
  • Purchases
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Commission calculation
  • Accounting
  • Floor credit management


Moiboo software is easy to use software that helps to eliminate difficult tasks and manual labour. It is used to save time, reduce cost and also help the dealer concentrate more on their business customer satisfaction.

For more details, please visit our website: Moiboo Software