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Create user

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Step 1> Go to “Setting” under settings tab.
Step 2> Go to “User” under “Users & Access Restriction”.

Step 3 > Click on “Add user”.

Step 4 >we can set three level access restriction as follows.
i) Allow user only specific Features like Job Card, Income Module.

Step 5 >Voucher wise: After allowing specific Module, you can restrict user for specific vouch-

Step 6 >Right to Add/View/Edit/Delete: After allowing specific voucher going down you can
set whether he can Add/View/Edit/Delete voucher for selected module

Step 7 > Right to Give access for

i) Administration – Create , View, Edit and Delete.

ii) Inventory /Stock- Access to Add, View, Edit and Delete.

iii) User ID and Password- Need to enter the Email address as the ID and create password.

iv)Allow him/her to access other person record- Can give access for one User to another User for accessing each other transaction.

8. Keep the Status Active and Click on Save button.

Below is the Video on How to Create User?

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