Did You Know?

How to convert Jobsheet to Invoice

Step14> Go To “Action” Tab & Click on “Convert to Invoice”.

Now the invoice will show in “income pending”.
Step15> Go To “pending” under “Invoice”

Step16> Click on “Convert to invoice”.

Step17> Choose the customer to whom you are raising an Invoice.Moiboo will automatically
populate the customer’s details and also show you the balance outstanding for the customer. In
case this is a new customer.
Step 18>You can add the details of the new customer by clicking on the “+” button near the
customer field.
Step 19>You can match this Invoice to a specific cost centre and choose the pricelist relevant
to the customer. (you also have an option to pre-assign the pricelist to the customer and
Moiboo will automatically pull it out)

Step20>Once marked, you can start adding all the products which you sell in the Invoice now.
While adding products, you can add discounts and choose taxes.
Step21>Once an Invoice is completed, you can now create a receipt for the Invoice or adjust
the Invoice against advance payments or outstanding credit notes.
Step22>Moiboo also has the option of pre-setting reminders for your Invoices through email
and sms.

Step23> you can add vehicle details also, Now your Invoice is completed and ready to be sent
to your customer.

You can print the Invoice and send it to your customer. Alternatively you can also choose to
email, sms or whatsapp the Invoice directly to your customer.

Step24>The Invoice shows the payment and the shipment status. You can do further changes
to the Invoice from the “Action”Tab.