Did You Know?

GST Tax Filing

Step 1> Go to “GST report” under “reports tab”.

Step 2> Click on add GST form.

Step 3>Select Month
Check the values on each ledger Sales & purchases.

Step4>This is the value of supplies (standard- rated)(zero rated)(exempt supplies value)
Step5> This is the value of taxable purchase.
Step6>This is the value of tax (output tax due) (less input tax & refund claimed) & equals net gst to
be paid to IRAS.
Step7> This is the value of goods imported under this scheme.

Now GST form added successfully.

Now let us see how to export GST Audit TXT File.

Step1> Go To “Audit TXT” Under “Action Tab”.

Step2>Now you get the GST Audit TXT file