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How to Create Invoice for Car Security Deposit

First we create ledger the name of Car deposit refundable.
Step1> Go to “setting” under “setting tab”.
Step2>Click“account ledger”under“accounting” tab.
Step3> Click “add an account”.

Step4>Select group.
Step5>Give ledger name.
Step6>Select non taxable ledger.
Step7>Click “create”.
Ledger account updated successfully.

Now let’s Create template:
Step8>Go to”setting”undersetting.
Step9>Click “create template”.
Step10>Click “add template”.

Step11>Give template name.
Step12>Choose template.
Step13>Select car deposit refundable ledger.

Step14>Give print title & click show logo option here.
Step15> Now enable the option which you have required.

Step15> Now enable the option which you have required.
Step16>Give starting number for invoice, select numbering type, set prefix-suffix here.
Step17>Click “Create”.
Successfully added account setting.

Now lets create invoice for car deposit.
Step2>Click “add invoice”.

Step3>Select template
Step4>Choose customer name & cost centre.

Step5>Select Product.
Step6>Amount mention here & select tax
Click “save”.