User Settings

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This is where you create Users & assign rights to each user depending on their job roles in the company.

Step 1 : Click Settings.

Step 2 : Click Users under Users & Access Restriction. Step 3 : Add Users.

Step 4 : providing Access to employees.

(Admin user                     may provide restricted access to employees according to their position, Fill the username and email id).

Step 5 : Your user can access to other person records If you enable the check box.

Step 6 : If you want to give Purchase Rights to User, you should                                                                                                    enable the check box.

Step 7 : If you want your user to edit price, you should enable the check box.

Step 8 : If you want to reset your user password you should enable the check box.

Step 9 : Save.

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User Settings

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