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Petty cash Management

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Petty Cash Management

Every business earmarks some cash for daily office expenses done in cash. The cashier is usually made responsible for this fund and day-to-day expenses are met out of this Imprest. This fund is refilled everyday or week once it is used. Let me show you how petty cash is accounted for.

1.Go to payment under Expense tab.
2.Click Add Payment button.

3.Select the direct payment in payment type.
4.Select date.
5.Select payment mode.
6.Now select the Petty cash ledger in account Petty cash means daily office expenses(Water expenses, Tea,coffee expenses,travelling expenses,) and give the amount.
7.In case you like to add taxes to the payments made, make sure the taxes are enabled while creating an accounting ledger.
8.Add a notes for your reference.
9.Now Click Save. Payment added successfully.

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