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How to Create Vendors

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How to Add Vendors
Step1> Go to “Settings” under “Setting” Tab.
Step2>Go to“Vendor Settings”under “Purchases”.
Step3> Now Click On “Add Vendor”

Step4> Give the Business Name & Mobile No.
Step5> Click On “More Details”.

Fill all the relevant details here like Primary, Address, Accounting,
Identification, Contact, and Bank
Details & GST.
Now Click on “Create”.

Step1>Go to “setting” under “setting” Tab.
Step2>Go to“accounting groups”underaccounting.
Step3>Click “add group”.

Step3>Give the car name.
Step4>Select the type.
Step5>Now click “create”.

Step6> Click “add an account”.
Step7> Go to account “ledgers”under accounting.

Step8> Now select the group.
Step9> Give the car no as a ledger name.
Step10> If you want to add this car as a product select this option. Automatically it will add
in product master.
Step11> If you wanna track this car profitability please select this option.
Step12> Click “create”.

Step1> Go To “Settings” under “Setting Tab”.
Step2>Click on“Inventory”& Go to“Products”under “ProductSetting”.
Step3> Now Click “Add Products”.

Step4> Give car plate no or chassis no.
Step5> Click “more details”.

Fill all the relevant details here & click “create”.

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