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Purchase Invoice

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For purchase invoice first we create template the name of car asset
Step1>Go to “setting” under “setting tab”.
Step2>Click“create template”in”expense.
Step3>Click “add template”.

Step4>Give template name & select template.

Step5>Give print title & click show logo option here.
Step6> Now enable the option which you have required.

Step7>Give starting number for invoice,select numbering type,set prefix-suffix here.
Step8>Click “Create”.

Sucessfully added account setting.

Now create purchase invoice.

Step 1> Goto “Purchase Bill” under “purchase tab.
Step 2> “Add Purchase” Bill Button.

Step1>Select template.
Step2>Select ledger(product name).
Step3>Select vendor & costcentre.
Step4>Select bill date.

Step 5> Select product.
Step 4>Give amount & select tax.
Create “save”.

Now let see how to make payment.

Step1>Goto“payment”under “expense” tab.
Step2>Click “add payment”.

Step3>Select Payment against bill in payment type.
Step4>Select payment method.
Step5>Select vendor.
Step6>Mode of payment.
Step7>Mention amount here.
Step8>Moiboo automatically open and display all the outstanding invoices for that customer. Make
sure you adjust each of the invoices which need to adjust.

Now adjust the amount here.

Now “Click Save”. Payment added successfully.

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